My code of conduct: I will…

1. Help you to the best of my ability.
2. Not take advantage of your inexperience.
3. Communicate as clearly as I can.
4. Try always to be in good time.
5. Provide all the information you need to reach a sound decision.
6. Correct without quibble any mistakes I might make.
7. Be considerate about any mistakes you might make.
8. Give you what you pay for.

How the regulator (FCA) gauges my trustworthiness:

  1. Clients observing good governance prevail in my decisions.
  2. Clients sharing my credence in the investment markets on which I advise, and seeing me offer cost-­effective access to them.
  3. Clients knowing the boundaries of where their money is at risk, and who is accountable for its safeguard within those limits.
  4. Clients seeing value in their loyalty to me, as well as in mine to them: exemplified by them paying not too much, and me charging not too little.