I offer tuition, portfolio-guidance and fund-selection; also data by subscription. It’s an on-demand service; clients tell me what they want, and if I can provide it we agree terms. Some clients want just one aspect of my work; others want everything.

Because no single way of charging suits all clients or all projects, I offer four styles of fee: flat rate, hourly, project and percentage. In my Initial Disclosure Document (IDD) I’ve shown how different projects and fees tend to go together.

Anyone is welcome to be a client. For our first encounter (by Skype, FaceTime or in person), I make no charge because we all need to window-shop. The first conversation lasts as long as we both remain fully in it.

The second stage is for me to send a letter of engagement, which;

  • measures the project against the FCA’s criteria (valid, timely, affordable),
  • describes the level of advice (data-only, execution-only, limited, focused or full),
  • indicates the level of intermediation (important for VAT exemption),
  • offers agreement about my charge,
  • explains customer protection and my legal responsibility.

The third stage [for those wanting advice] is information-gathering; mostly in conversation. The fourth stage is my advice in writing, and a meeting to go through it. The fifth stage is fine-tuning, followed by transaction and payment. The final stage is my ongoing service, if a client wants it.

Every project is different, but some aspects are common to all. In my principles of investment and risk-management (PIRM), I’ve explained how I work, the kinds of investment I incline to use, and why.

Being independent, I’m allowed also to give guidance and advice about other ways to invest, if you’re inclined to explore those instead.

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