Subscribers have told me they like dexterity because:

  1. The on-demand service meets their need for economy of time, as well as of money,
  2. Hourly-rate charges are fairer value than percentage fees,
  3. The project is always under their own control,
  4. They can get on with life, knowing I’ll email all subscribers if I observe any of the ‘smoke-alarm’ triggers,
  5. The internet makes transactions quick, easy and cheap,
  6. The dexterity in Dropbox folder offers subscribers fresh data in easy reach,
  7. The ETF filter-table is a helpful tool for investors wanting to make their own choices,
  8. Low-tech clients can understand my delivery of hi-tech investment,
  9. They can make their own response to risk, and in a timely way,
  10. They need no longer trust distant and largely unaccountable fund managers,
  11. The wisdom and intuition of the crowd feels safer than ‘expert’ judgment.